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Characteristics of art paper
Dec 18, 2018

Art paper is a paint processing paper for copperplate printing. According to different purposes, it can be divided into single-sided or double-sided coating. There are flat paper and web. The basis weight is generally 70 to 150 g/m2, and the double-sided coating is also 180 to 250 g/m2. The paper is even and compact, the whiteness is higher (more than 85%), the paper surface is smooth and glossy, and the coating is firm and consistent, which is convenient for obtaining beautiful and clear patterns and characters after printing. The copperplate base paper is made from bleached chemical wood pulp or partially bleached chemical grass pulp on a paper machine. Based on the base paper, white pigments (also known as clay, such as kaolin, talc, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, etc.), adhesives (polyvinyl alcohol, casein, modified starch, synthetic latex, etc.), and other excipients (such as brighteners, hardeners, plasticizers, dispersants, wetting agents, opacifiers, fluorescent whitening agents, toners, etc.), uniformly coated on a coater, dried and supercalendered And made. Used in high-level art printing, calendars, posters, albums, color illustrations, book covers and advertising trademarks.

The characteristic of art paper is that the paper surface is very smooth and flat, with high smoothness and good gloss. Because the whiteness of the coating used is more than 90%, and the particles are extremely fine, and calendered by a supercalender, the smoothness of the coated paper is generally 600 to 1000 s. At the same time, the paint is evenly distributed on the paper surface to show a pleasing white color. The requirements for coated paper have higher coating strength, the coating is thin and uniform, no bubbles, and the amount of adhesive in the coating is appropriate to prevent the paper from being detached during printing, and the absorption of paraxylene in the coated paper. To be appropriate, it can be used for fine mesh printing of 60 lines/cm or more.