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Artistic effect of the album
Feb 08, 2019

Many companies choose printing factories to help them print their own albums, in order to help themselves with some customers, and some high-quality albums can be more attractive, so what should everyone do to improve the medical effects of book printing? ? Let's explain it to everyone.

1. The performance of color: the Chinese nation uses red as auspicious color, while the Islamic region uses yellow as the color of death; blue is often used in Egypt to describe the color of the devil; red is a poisonous mark in the Czech Republic; green In Turkey is a mark, etc. These are some of the habits of different places. Every country and region feels different about color. Therefore, before the design of the album, there must be targeted investigation and research to better adapt to the habits of consumers in different places.

2. the design of the means of performance: business owners need to fully convey the information they need to convey to the designer, Shenzhen printing company designers through their own professional skills must clearly and accurately convey the book design content and image characteristics. If the book design of the investment company is mistaken for the design of the cleaning company's album, then the appearance of the exterior decoration is beautiful and novel, and it is also a failure. I hope I can give you some help.