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3 precautions for book printing
Feb 11, 2019

Everyone said that if there is a good beginning, it will be half the success. For the book printing, this is also the case. If you do all the preparatory work before the book printing, and avoid some problems, it is not far from success. Today, Hongcai Printing Factory will give you a detailed introduction of what to avoid before printing.


1. The RGB image is not converted to CMYK. A lot of software will not separate the RGB image, so if you use the RGB format image incorrectly, you will let the printed color separation film have a picture on the black version, while other color version images Part of it is empty; or there are equivalent grayscale images on the four color plates, which are not ideal for book printing. Therefore, before the book is printed, the RGB image must not be converted to CMYK format.


2. Fill the pre-word edge with the wrong one. Use the padding pre-edge function to make the font bold, and also allow the font to have different color edges, but if used improperly, it will cause a paste, or make the word edge too thick, thus the word itself The color is too much to squeeze, so it is not advisable. Therefore, the word side cannot be greater than three percent of the original font size.


3. There is a gray net when the black color is imprinted. Before the black printing imprint, the album printing manufacturer should also pay attention to the existence of the gray net in the file. If there is a gray net, then the object below the gray net will pass through; the other specified pressure in the file You should also pay attention to the printing, because many versions of the software now do not see which objects have been embossed. Therefore, be careful when working, don't fall into the trap. You can add one percent yellow when defining gray.


Before the book is printed, it is necessary to avoid the above problems. In particular, the first case is a very common mistake. It must be especially remembered. In addition, when selecting the bold and aggravated font, you can't confuse it. The most important point is to choose a professional and experienced book printing manufacturer.